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The Kiosk Factory is back under old management!


Its been quite a roller coaster ride, but The Kiosk Factory is once again under the leadership of its founder, Julian Bowron. Together with its sister company Feature Factory, The Kiosk Factory was sold to Walters Group between 2009 and 2011, forming Canada's top architectural fabricator. Mr. Bowron left Walters in March of 2012 but not before negotiating to retake ownership of The Kiosk Factory, still the "Last Man Standing" among Canadian kiosk designer / manufacturers.

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Maintenance of passenger rail equipment made safer with cloud-based manuals


Crews maintaining Bombarier's latest generation of passenger trains are guaranteed access to the latest version of critical maintenance information by the use of dedicated terminals designed and built by The Kiosk Factory.

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Longpen™ kiosks; Conceived by Margaret Atwood and produced by The Kiosk Factory


The Kiosk Factory is honoured to play a key role in the development of LongPen™, the world's first long distance, real-time, real pen and ink autographing device operated over the Internet. The brain child of iconic Canadian author Margaret Attwood, LongPen™ "is a revolutionary marketing and publicity machine that digitally captures everything that happens over the system for downloads, taking book-signing events beyond bricks and mortar into the virtual world of cyberspace".

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RAC Pylons speed inbound weighing at world's largest linerboard plant


The Kiosk Factory is pleased to have completed the first installment of the RAC Pylon at the Counce Tennessee linerboard plant. Reducing the processing time for weighing of raw materials means a very high ROI.

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Wireless / cordless Min-Mod Logistics Kiosks delivered to client


In an era of JIT procurement, e commerce and total supply chain management, industry is demanding end to end logistic solutions The Kiosk Factory's cordless, ultra robust Min-Mod Logistics Platform provides customers with a real time, networked, inventory control manager designed to survive the trials of the front line

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The Kiosk Factory promotes process improvement at border security symposium in Los Angeles, Ca.


The Kiosk Factory is pleased to have completed the first installment of the RAC Pylon at the Counce Tennessee linerboard plant. Reducing the processing time for weighing of raw materials means a very high ROI.

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Ultra-rugged exterior-grade interactive public information terminals Supplied


The Kiosk Factory has supplied prototypes of ultra-rugged exterior-grade interactive public information terminals to one of the world's leading outdoor media companies for deployment in one the world's greatest cities!

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Bell Wireless Technology Innovation Centre Wins Gold Award for Commercial Interiors at National Post Design Exchange Awards Gala


An innovative interior designed by Marshall Cummings and equipped with an automated AV show and animated exhibits designed by The Kiosk Factory parent company Feature Factory won the Gold Award for Commercial Interiors in the annual National Post / Design Exchange Awards, held on November 23rd. The project was up against several leading-edge contenders including the newly renovated Drake Hotel.

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The Kiosk Factory completes third and fourth deliveries of plant floor documentation and drawing access systems for Ontario's Nuclear Power Utility


The Kiosk Factory continues to deliver specification-grade plant-floor database access units to North America's largest nuclear generating operator. The MPK system of kiosk fabrication details and careful attention to human factors design ensures that these units have been accepted for use on the plant floor. A special containment package (not shown) allows the kiosks to meet unique requirements within the "flood plain" where up to 20 tonnes of water per second may strike the units.

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The Kiosk Factory upgrades CAD systems to improve productivity and accuracy


With an additional investment of $35,000 in equipment and software The Kiosk Factory is now running multiple SolidWorks solid modeling software seats. The first project run through the new system was the shop drawing and rendering of the Tall Boy 2004 kiosks.

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The Kiosk Factory brings back an old friend: the Tall Boy Automatic Ticket Machine


The machine that started the automation of North America's theatres is back! With its western town style false front and front lit graphic panel the revolutionary tall boy ATM was conceived to attract attention. It was replaced in many locations with a lower profile design, but due to popular demand we are bringing this product back. Now with an LCD monitor (the original had a CRT) and IR touch, the first units will be installed in Detroit in June 2004.


New Kiosk Orders Driven by Design


The Kiosk Factory is North America's most innovative kiosk designer, and it shows in the types of orders we get. Current products in development range from DVD vending to tourism infrastructure.

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The Kiosk Factory to build simulator housing for NASA


Under contract to Absolute Exhibits, The Kiosk Factory delivered a custom simulator housing to the new Air and Space Museum near Washington DC. This 3-D sculptural project was completed in 3 weeks, and delivered two days before the opening of the exhibit.

The Kiosk Factory parent Feature Factory awarded contract with Port Authority of NY and NJ


Under contract to Soheil Mosun Ltd of Toronto, Feature Factory announced they will be fabricating 10 massive track information signage support structures for the Jamaica Airtrain Station in NY, NY. The project requires the application of the PA's signature vandal resistant non-directional finish to over twenty tonnes of 1/8" and 1/2" 316 stainless steel plate.

The Kiosk Factory Acquires PowerPhoto Assets


Former contacts and customers of PowerPhoto are invited to contact The Kiosk Factory. We can provide many of the services, spare parts, maintenance and other requirements you may have.


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