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The Kiosk Factory upgrades CAD systems to improve productivity and accuracy


With an additional investment of $35,000 in equipment and software The Kiosk Factory is now running multiple SolidWorks solid modeling software seats. The first project run through the new system was the shop drawing and rendering of the Tall Boy 2004 kiosks. The attached drawing of the Tall Boy 2004 with the integral SolidWorks eDrawing viewer demonstrates the capabilities of this technology. To view of the sample drawings download “Tall Boy 2004” and open it.

The use of the SolidWorks solid modeling platform allows The Kiosk Factory to create stunningly accurate renderings and issue fully navigable 3-D shop drawings, flattened .dxf part cutting files and 3-D pattern machining files. Using the eDrawing viewer, customers and suppliers can section the drawing, suppress components and even re-arrange components before returning the drawing with comments.