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Longpen™ kiosks; Conceived by Margaret Atwood and produced by The Kiosk Factory


The Kiosk Factory is honoured to play an ongoing key role in the development of LongPen™, the world's first long distance, real-time, real pen and ink autographing device operated over the Internet.  The brain child of iconic Canadian author Margaret Attwood, LongPen™ “is a revolutionary marketing and publicity machine that digitally captures everything that happens over the system for downloads, taking book-signing events be yond bricks and mortar into the virtual world of cyberspace”.

Recent models completed in 2012 include compact, table top devices for contract signing in countries were faxed documents are not accepted.

To Right : Author Kate Mosse uses Longpen™ for the first Trans-Atlantic book signing at Word on the Street in Toronto

LongPen kiosks receive final touches before leaving our plant

LongPen kiosks leaving The Kioks Factory