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Wireless / cordless Min-Mod Logistics Kiosks delivered to client


There are a lot of jobs that hand-held devices just can't manage, and the control of cross docking operations is one of them. In environments where products are being processed for sorting and redirection, items require count control, identification and tracking. Robust, wireless, cordless kiosks function as a one-stop warehouse control tool that simultaneously prints long-life thermal labels, displays full manifests, creates and relays packing slips and monitors inbound and outbound trucking.

Where product has bar-coded tagging which needs to be scanned and re-tagged the kiosk is fitted with tethered or wireless scanning devices. (Note: The kiosk hardware, printers & scanners are compatible with RFID equipment.)

The kiosk monitor is touch screen enabled to support advances in software technologies. The kiosk transfers redundant data entry requirements away from clerical staff in an office environment and places the verification out closer to the products or processes being performed.

TQS logistics kiosk

Inside the logistics kiosk, powerful batteries and industrial-quality inverters provide all the power needed for large permanent label printing right at the sort site.

Inside view