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The Kiosk Factory is back under old management!


As you can see by the sudden apearance of several news items (return to News page), while we may have neglected the website, we have been hard at work on some important projects!

As we launch the next phase of The Kiosk Factory's history we have renewed the focus on kiosks as process improvement tools. Back in 1998 we revolutionized theatre ticketing, in 2008 we began to apply these ideas to industrial maintenance and in the near future we will be delivering a suite of products aimed at the construction business, which has been a productivity lagard.

One of the reasons I am so proud of The Kiosk Factory is that the philosophy of concentrating on high-quality, robust equipment has left us in the position of being "The Last Man Standing" in an industry that has come to be dominated by low quality consumer-facing import kiosks.

Proof of the wisdom of investing in high quality infrastructure is found in the image below, taken at 12 noon on Friday, February 24 2012, 14 years after this group of kiosks were placed in to service in a theatre lobby. A combination of good design (the kiosk were conceived by Yabu Pushelberg), robust construction and concern for the possibility of equipment upgrades means that the original investment just keeps on ticking!

Similarily, the modular maintenance management kiosks we developed for OPG and deployed in 2003 and 2004 are still in service today. Thanks to the MPK system, an in-field scheduled replacement of the screens and an upgrade of other critical components was performed by TKF technicians in 2010, ensuring that our piece of Ontario's nuclear energy capacity keeps performing for another ten years.

 Tall Boy ATMs installed in 1998 and still in use at Famous Players

Image Below: A run of LonPen remote signing robots receiving finishing touches in our plant.

Production run of LongPen units receives final touches