About The Kiosk Factory

Within an extremely competitive market, The Kiosk Factory has emerged as North America's most innovative designer/builder of process improvement systems and remains the sole manufacturer capable of providing truly modular, specification grade kiosks for industrial and exterior use.

The Kiosk Factory has achieved this status by seamlessly melding technical know-how and our willingness to listen to our customers.

At The Kiosk Factory we recognize that each application is unique and have built a responsive staff team that works closely with our clients to identify each project’s specific requirements.  The Kiosk Factory combines talented designers, the best and most appropriate design technology and in-house prototyping capability with real world experience, to ensure the delivery of well conceived, tailor-made products that work.

If you have an industrial control or data access problem, a POS bottleneck or customer service issues, The Kiosk Factory has the capability to devise a system that will work for you.  Contact us directly to explore the possibilities of working together and visit our web site for an overview of our company history and work.

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Our products fall into three main categories:



The Kiosk Factory has been building kiosks since 1992.

From specialized single units like “The Long Pen Project” for internationally recognized author Margaret Atwood, to large scale (100’s of units) nation-wide programs, for clients such as Famous Players (Viacom), Public and Resource Libraries and General Electric.


Design - Prototyping - Production - Software Development - Content - Support


Our automated ticketing systems have the best uptime in the kiosk industry, with a record of 100% theatre by theatre availability since 1996. We can also boast that 95% of the kiosks and POS systems we have installed since 1994 are still in use.

The Kiosk Factory continues to build on this experience and to focus on mission critical projects that deliver cost savings, improved customer service and process streamlining to our clients.