Interpretive design & content development

From concept to completion, the success of our projects depends on the problem solving skills of experienced designers, technicians and trades people. Our award-winning design capabilities include script and content development, environmental, architectural, industrial, graphic and exhibit design. Our software development team includes experts in kiosk interfaces, most common development environments and programming languages, networking, network management, support and transaction processing. This group was responsible for developing a continent-wide system that supported over 14,000 point of sale devices, including 1000 kiosks.

In the same way staff is carefully trained to provide a good impression, kiosks deployed for commercial purposes should reflect the brand identity and service level for which a company wishes to be known. As we like to say: “The kiosk is the company”. This basic principal applies in government, education and entertainment settings as well. To ensure that the user experience is smooth and simple, The Kiosk Factory styles and engineers each of our kiosks to meet the precise requirements that they are intended for—whether it is wayfinding, ticketing, public service information, security, communication, gaming or education.

The Kiosk Factory has fast become known for our award-winning, eye-catching and sophisticated design. In addition to designing our own products, we also do contract design and prototyping for a variety of clients. Our staff encompasses all aspects of kiosk design—from software development to script and content creation, and from environmental and architectural design to industrial, graphic, furniture and exhibit design. Our portfolio includes numerous examples of innovative and stylish approaches to aesthetic and technical challenges in a wide array of commercial, entertainment and educational/informational settings and functions.