Key Personnel

Julian Bowron, CEO, Lead Kiosk Designer

Julian founded The Kiosk Factory's parent company, Feature Factory, Inc. in 1984. Prior to this, he had apprenticed in sculpture, blacksmithing and photography at the Ne Chi Zu Guild in Vancouver and trained in Industrial Design at the Ontario College of Art. Julian has executed projects throughout Canada, the United States, Central America, and Hong Kong, and shipped work to Europe, Middle East and Japan. His own projects have ranged from original sculpture and painting to industrial design, prototyping and display fabrication. Julian is a regular lecturer at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Humber College, and Ryerson University schools of industrial and interior design.

Read a profile of The Kiosk Factory's CEO, Julian Bowron: “Who’s Who: Julian Bowron”, by John Harrell, editor, in , October 2002.

Helen Casanova, AOCAD. Industrial Designer

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Helen is an unparalleled problem solver responsible for day to day operations including design, component specification and purchasing, product documentation, shipping and warranty coordination.

Alberto Rebollar, M.Eng. Head, Kiosk Engineering

Formerly the head of maintenance for the national machine tool monopoly in Cuba, Alberto is an expert detailer, metalworker and patternmaker. Alberto has been responsible for tooling design for all large run kiosk projects since 1996, and personally supervises the wiring and assembly of all products leaving the plant.

Rocky Dobey, Head of Site Crews and Installation

Rocky has worked for over twenty years in high rise construction. His experience includes installing curtain walls on office towers in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto and the installation of art and three-dimensional ultra custom signage in eight of ten Canadian provinces and multiple US states.

Stephan Pilipa, Artist, Lead Metalworker

Stephan is a talented artist and skilled metalworker responsible for kiosk prototyping, and is a lead hand on installation teams. Stephan’s skills include TIG welding, metal finishing, layout and machining.