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IMPK: An ultra-robust modular kiosk forplant-floor and medical applications

IMPK is a specification-grade platform that facilitates the viewing of technical information such as x-rays, schedules, manuals, drawings and specifications on the plant floor or in clean room environments.

Currently installed in both conventional and nuclear generating facilities, the IMPK integrates high-resolution large screen viewing, teleconferencing and printing of images and bar-coded ERP tools such as RMA tags.

The steel or stainless steel environmental housing provides protection for sensitive equipment from abuse and weather, while making installation and repairs easy. The unique modular construction provides owners with total freedom to change plans and implement new technologies.

Best of all, modularity means the kiosks you buy today will remain in service for many years, regardless of technological change!

Features & Options

  • Exterior-grade steel or stainless steel environmental housing with ample space for system interconnection
  • Filtered ventilation with back-flow preventers
  • Counterweighted forklift base (300 lb)
  • Floor bolting capability
  • Fully modular component mounting system (MPK, US Pat. Pend.)
  • Any part can be accessed, swapped or upgraded in minutes
  • High or Ultra-high resolution LCD screens (21”-3 Megapixel X 72 dpi or 22”
  • 9.1 Megapixel X 250 dpi) -21” model available with infra-red touch
  • High capacity HP 11” X 17” printer with roll-out protective enclosure
  • Industrial keyboard with trackball or medical grade joystick
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Camera
  • Speakers
  • Telephone
  • Tag holder
  • Barcode tag printer
  • -Barcode reader
  • Sealable cable entry / exit ports

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