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The MPK is designed for government, industrial and commercial use in demanding environments. The modular faceplate and NEMA 4-like construction ensures many years of trouble-free service, and simple repair and upgrading.

Please note that the MPK faceplate concept, applied to custom designed kiosks, can provide many of the MPK benefits, while providing the aesthetic values required in retail and architectural applications.

MPK Features:

Modular Design Means MPK:
  • Never becomes obsolete
  • Is easy and inexpensive to service
  • Can be upgraded or changed in the field
  • Is available with numerous options
  • Can be configured and shipped in 24 hours
  • Has higher residual value than single purpose kiosks
Ultra Robust Construction Means MPK:
  • Can be installed outdoors
  • Is vandal resistant
  • Is more dependable
  • Can be considered as infrastructure
Spacious Interior, Clamshell Housing and Removable Back Plate Means MPK:
  • Can accommodate off the shelf equipment
  • Is easy to maintain or modify in the field
  • Facilitates wire management
  • Can be maintained as-is, where-is, from the front
Universal Mounting Configuration Means MPK:
  • Can be installed on a wall, a column, or in a shelter
  • Can be connected to services via top, side or bottom surfaces
Unique Options Include:
  • Infra-Red touch screen for all weather use
  • Security glazing over LCD
  • Daylight readable screens with auto brightness control
  • Ultra heavy duty UPS for extended use in emergency situations
  • Filtered, thermostatically controlled ventilation
  • Backlit transparency for enhanced visibility