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As the industrial designer and fabricator, The Kiosk Factory is proud to be involved with Margaret Atwood's LongPen™ project, the world's first long distance, real-time, real pen and ink autographing device operated over the Internet.

“It would democratize the book tour and eliminate stressful border and airport line-ups for authors. It would save publishers money on travel and increase the number of events bookstores could host. Plus it was green, diminishing greenhouse gas emissions from airplane travel”, says Canada's pre-eminent author.

The expectation is much greater for LongPen™ however: “it is a revolutionary marketing and publicity machine that digitally captures everything that happens over the system for downloads, taking book-signing events beyond bricks and mortar into the virtual world of cyberspace”.   

Expect to see a LongPen™ kiosk at a sports collectable convention near you soon!

Will it be long before the legal & real estate industries to take notice?

Feature Interactive is there to design, prototype and roll out any number of task specific, mission critical kiosk.

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